Richard “powerful leader” Jason “healer”

Richard Jason Bruke is an Integrative Holistic Wellness Practitioner. 500hr registered Yoga Teacher. Reiki Master. Plant-Based Chef. Lifelong gardener, Bachelors of Science in Landscape Architecture. Current student of Massage Therapy.

I invite you on a journey to connect with your True Self. Synergize all the elements of life to create Harmonic Wealth. I intend to guide you deeper into expressing your true nature awakening Love.

I enjoy leading the community to focus on Sustainable Wellness Practices through Yoga, Reiki, Shamanism, Gardening and High Vibe Living. What we focus on expands.

I’ll tell you a little story of why I do what I do as I become more self-aware. When I was three outside my grandmothers home, a large tree branch fell on my head during a windstorm. This greatly affected my nervous system making me extremely energetically sensitive and allowing me to see energy interdimensionaly. This accident also affected my mind body connection, and my bodies ability to integrate nutrients. Of course I was unaware of this for the majority of my life. Spirit has guided my around Mother Earth to find the tools to assist me in my healing. I share the healing arts to uplift the community.

I welcome you to explore my services and gatherings on your living arts path.

In Love,