Reiki Shamanism

I am a Reiki Master certified in the Usui Reiki Ryoho. I see Reiki as a continuation of the lineages of Shamanism, an ancient healing tradition that connects with all of creation. Reiki Shamanism is a multi dimensional healing technique that is powerful yet non-invasive.

Reiki works with the bodies bio magnetic field, positively effecting our mental, emotional and physical well being. The word Reiki comes from two Japenese words Rei (Universal Consciousness) and Ki (Life Force Energy). Reiki works with the subtle body, the chakras and meridians, energetically clearing the path to Divine Source.

Shamanism is a spiritual practice that strengthens our connection to Mother Earth, healing self and community. By bringing greater awareness to our pilgrimage to Earth we reawaken and invigorate the energy of the planet. Ceremonies and rituals to honor all of creation create harmony and balance.

A Shamanic Reiki Healing Session is about an hour long, where the recipient lays on a flat surface or for certain practices is seated upright, while being worked on directly in the energetic field. Reiki can be administered both hands on or at a distance. Energetic practices expand consciousness intuitively creating connection.